All Shook Up

Terry Fox Secondary School Presents: "All Shook Up" April 17th, 2014

No tight pants, no kissing and no loud music: those are the rules in one small midwestern 1950s town. But when a rebellious, hip-swiveling musician rides into town, the ache of budding love is set into motion, bringing to life a broken-down jukebox and the residents’ dreams of bigger things.

Inspired by the timeless appeal of Elvis Presley’s music and the mistaken identities of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, All Shook Up is one of Broadway’s newer jukebox musicals that will have audiences tapping their feet and shaking their heads at how outrageous we can all be when we are chasing the ones we love.

Will the power of music win the day? Will true love prevail? Will this small town in the midwest survive getting all shook up?